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     We are located in Aurora, Colorado where daily we can gaze at the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Cinergy is a small home based kennel. Actually kennel is probably not an accurate description as we do not own a kennel. All of our dogs are first and foremost members of our family. Our dogs, better known as our four legged kids, live, eat, run and play in our house and yard. Our boxers are considered valued members of our family and are treated as such.

     Like many, Cindy's first boxer was not a show dog or even from a reputable breeder. In fact she wasn't even sure that boxers were for her. As often happens the love, loyalty and exuberance of the boxers won the day and Cindy has been in love with this breed for more than 30 years. Ed came to boxers when he and Cindy married about 15 years ago. In fact it was Miss Mocha that first decided that Ed should be a part of the family on the very first day that she met him. We now claim that Mocha is responsible for bringing us together.

     We thought long and hard about a kennel name and tried on several before we settled on Cinergy. Cinergy comes from the first three letters of Cindy's name and the energy and exuberance that all boxers have. Cindy is the primary person with the dogs but Ed loves the dogs and loves to brag about what they have done whether it is the funny sight of a small puppy trying to wrangle his work boot down the hall or Cruiser's recent back to back Best in Show wins.

     Here at Cinergy quality is prized above quantity and ethics are always foremost in our lives and our decisions. Ed and Cindy are members of: The Boxer Club of Colorado, Arapahoe Kennel Club, Peak to Peak Working Dog Association, Plum Creek Kennel Club and High Plains Kennel Club.

We appreciate your interest in Cinergy Boxers. Come in, sit down and take a look at our family.


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